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RTFM carefully when applying CF hotfixes!

Here's a quick tip for anyone who may be seeing some odd behaviour after applying a ColdFusion hotfix (as well as a reminder to myself to be more careful next time...).

I've just applied the latest security hotfix to my web server, and everything seemed to have worked fine - except that I suddenly started receiving a bunch of ColdFusion error notifications from a couple of my websites.

The error was being reported as coldfusion.runtime.Cast._double(J)D, and a little Googling directed me to this thread on the MXUnit mailing list, with a solution right at the end. As it's not exclusively an MXUnit issue (it seemed to come about when getting the difference between two getTickCount() values) I thought I'd share the solution here.

What it boils down to is this. When the installation instructions say:

If hf901-00001.jar, hf901-00002.jar or hf901-00003.jar exist, delete them.

...make sure you look at the filenames very carefully, and do not delete chf9010002.jar - which is the updater for Cumulative HotFix 2.

Once I'd restored the file I'd deleted in error, everything worked again as it should. Roll on ColdFusion 10 with its automated update process...