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Relaunching my site in Eleventy

When I last rebuilt my personal site, back in 2017, I was full of good intentions. It was built on Hugo, which was the SSG I chose at the time (a coin flip between Hugo and Jekyll). It had a basic theme, and could be published by simply committing to a Git repo. What could possibly go wrong?

Jump forward 6 years, and the only content I posted was three related articles within the first month. And ever since, it has simply stagnated. It didn't help that for some reason I found it difficult to get the environment set up on my new laptop...

Now, in 2023, it seems that all the cool kids are using Eleventy - and I can see why. A combination of speed (it blows the other SSGs out of the water) and ease of use (being based on Node, it’s using stuff I‘ve already got set up and installed) makes it the obvious choice. On top of that, there’s an active and friendly community out there too.

The release of Eleventy 2.0 seemed the perfect time to make the switch. This site is currently bare-bones, but if I waited until I had the site perfect I’d never get it launched (or write any new content for it).

So, I’ll be developing the site out in the open, gradually implementing new features and designs. But this is what I have done so far:

And, for the future, I plan to overhaul the theme to make it mine; make more use of WebC components (did I mention how cool these are?); and add webmentions to my posts.

So, here’s to a new beginning - I hope I can keep to my good intentions…