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  1. Relaunching my site in Eleventy

    A new, Eleventy-based beginning for my site. I hope it will encourage me to post more regularly!

  2. Preside selectData(): related objects and joins

    Part 3 of an in-depth guide to Preside's selectData()

  3. Preside selectData(): filtering data

    Part 2 of an in-depth guide to Preside's selectData()

  4. Preside selectData(): the basics

    Part 1 of an in-depth guide to Preside's selectData()

  5. Let's Encrypt SSL with Apache reverse proxy

    Configure your reverse proxy to pass through HTTPS status

  6. Working with FoxyCart data feeds in CFML

    Integrating callback data from FoxyCart into your CFML application

  7. SES URLs in Mura FW/1 plugins

    Intercept SES URLs for data-driven complex plugins

  8. RTFM carefully when applying CF hotfixes!

    Make sure you're deleteing the correct files...

  9. Deploy your website changes using Git

    Say goodbye to FTP and increase security at the same time

  10. Server crash, possibly due to hacking attempt

    Protect your server from being attacked over SSH

  11. Using cfthread to speed up your web service calls

    Set service calls to fire-and-forget if the result is not critical

  12. Tip: make sure your new IPs are clean

    A sordid history for an IP can have an influence on the visibility and reputation of your site

  13. CSS tip for centered site designs

    Avoid the sideways jump of content between pages of different lengths

  14. ORM gotcha: Hibernate reserved words

    Words to avoid when naming your CF ORM entities

  15. Serving web fonts from IIS

    Ensure MIME types are set up for fonts files you want to serve

  16. Stop mail clients auto linking text as URLs

    A simple tip using invisible zero-width spaces

  17. Handling initial display states for jQuery-enhanced pages

    Avoid seeing elements on the page before jQuery hides them